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My new vintage totally custom baby » Harmony Rebel H82G G is for GREEEEN!!!!

Harmony Rebel H82G G is for GREEEEN!!!!


Model H82 Harmony “Rebel” Double Pickup Electric Guitar. Great for playing in a group, or for your own entertainment. Note the double cutaway design of the body. It is thin, too-only 13/4 in. deep and light in weight. Its hollow tone chamber construction assures a pleasing acoustic resonance to balance the “electronic” tone. Built of laminated maple, with celluloid bindings on top and back edges. Hardwood neck is reinforced with an adjustable Torque-Lok rod. The ovalled ebonized maple fingerboard has 7 inlaid position markers.
The electronics were designed in cooperation with DeArmond. 6 controls-Rebel’s “stick-shift” volume and tone controls are the newest development in the guitar field.
You can long be proud of your “Rebel’s” finish. It is a blend of brown and red shaded tones, against a deep yellow highlite, all beautifully polished.
No. H82. Size 14 x 38 x 1 3/4 in. With double pickups $119.50
Model H82G. Same as Model H82 Electric Guitar, but in the popular Avocado shading, beautifully polished. With double pickups $119.50


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