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The First Apology November 23, 2009

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The First ApologyRecently, I started working on some new material with a really nice guy named Steve duchardt. Like all great relationships of the modern age, Steve and I meet via Craig’s List. He’s a producer/manager/booking agent that seems to have payed his dues as a musician, studio intern and tour manager. Originally from my home state of CT, Steve is new to the south bay music scene. I’ve been introducing him to some of the local talent like, Worker Bee, Doctor Nurse, Ben Henderson and of course The Mumlers. He curently is managing a really great string pluck’n duo Chris & Thomas from Britain. Working with steve has been great. We’ve started polishing and recording some material at his home studio. So far, so good. Listen is a sample of the song The First Apology on my myspace.


Al Pancho is ready with Da’fire November 5, 2009

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There was a gang of bands lined up to play the Halloween Party at Empire 7 studios the other night. It was an audio candy grab bag of eclectic acts. From the latin hip-hop of Mextape to the haunting dirges of Deathat. But as good as all of the acts were, for me, they were just warming up the stage for one man.
Al Pancho As soon as I arrived to E7S I headed to the cuts where my people can usually be found and there I met a prince. Al Pancho sat quite and unassuming. I had heard much about him. Born in Mayriver, St Mary Jamaica this Rastafarian has mixed his spirituality with the dancehall rythums of this youth. Al Pancho is here in San Jose recording a new Album along with local producer/musician and studio owner Manik.
We began to check out a few of the ruff tracks this duo has recorded. Manik on the beats Al Pancho on the mic. the tracks are clean, danceable, informative and spiritual. As people ebb and flow in and out of the studio our listening session turns into a cypher and before you know it Manik is at the computer and Al Pancho’s got me in the booth singing a hook. I’m not sure if we were partying or get’n work done but it was fun. The night ended with an on stage performance from Al Pancho. I don’t think the crowd was ready. Al Pancho took the stage like a lion and seemed in true form. A non-stop rasta stream of conciousness hit E7S and turned the place into a sweat lodge, mystical visions and everything. It’s rare to see any artist now a days with such conviction. Having such and international talent and sage in San Jose is a true gift. Do not miss a chance to see my prince AL Pancho